Thursday, October 13, 2016

Diets and bulimia

Sometimes I wonder if being on a strict diet would help my bulimia. I just started a new diet that I've wanted to try out, filled with safe foods and protein.

The problem is, this new diet I'm on involves calorie restriction. Is this really a good idea? It's light restriction, and only net calories count, so I can exercise loads and eat more appropriately. It's only been a couple of days, but it has helped. I'm binging and purging less and feel a lot more in control over my intake.

I had my roommate hide some of her food in my room. I often steal her food when I'm in binge mode, so I had her keep the food I tend to steal safely tucked away in her room so that I don't get that temptation.

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I want to go back to posting my grocery haul every week, but this won't start until November as I have no money right now, and food to last me the month.

What are your thoughts on diets as a recovery method for bulimia? Are they a good idea or not?

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  1. a strict diet that includes restriction is what every professional would tell you bad for bulimia and fuelling it. because you will get a huge desire for unsafe foods or eat too much and then feel like a fuck up and binge/purge. when you say light restriction, what does that mean for you?