Thursday, June 16, 2016

This ones for the girl

This one's for the girl with long brown hair and bright brown eyes
For the girl who gets straight As and in public never cries
For the girl who knows that smoking kills and love isn't forever
And to always look presentable because you'll be judged by your cover

This one's for the girl who grew up knowing the world could be an awful place
For the girl who's loved ones just needed some space
For the girl who was lonely so became her own best friend
But turned out to be an enemy and then wanted the end

This one's for the girl who dreamed of high bridges and bottles of pills
For the girl who spent all her time thinking of things that kill
For the girl who's family didn't understand
Because from the outside everything was grand

This one's for the girl who has dreams and aspirations
For the girl who when night comes, loses all her determination
For the girl who fights all day and cries all night
As it's the only time she's out of sight

This one's for the girl who despite all the odds is still here
For the girl who has a message she wants you to hear
For the girl who wants to be a survivor
And not someone other's will cry over

This one's for the girl who's still alive, still breathing
For the girl who's heart hasn't stopped beating
For the girl who knows she's sick not broken
And won't stop fighting until her words have been spoken

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